You Have Options!

Contact attorney Chris Bush and find out the best route to your student loan debt relief.

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Experienced San Diego Litigator
Chris Bush, Esq., Bankruptcy and Student Loan Attorney

We are excited to announce the addition of San Diego bankruptcy attorney Chris Bush to the Debt Doc practice. Chris succeeds San Diego attorney DJ Rausa who has represented many clients, not only in the area of bankruptcy, but more specifically, as an expert in the rapidly growing area of Student Loan Law.

Chris has practiced consumer and small business bankruptcy for over 12 years and worked on thousands of cases. He has a passion to fight against and dispel the prevalent and harmful misinformation regarding bankruptcy filing and Student Loan Debt Relief Options. He has the experience to steer you in the right direction and help you legally resolve your debt burden.Chris’s passion is to provide personal, compassionate and creative bankruptcy representation that yields the best possible solution for his clients suffering under crushing debt. Bankruptcy laws and procedures are often misunderstood due to the prevalence of misinformation regarding debt and bankruptcy options. Chris has practiced consumer and small business bankruptcy for over twelve years and worked on over a thousand cases. He can assist you by clarifying the options available to you and finding the best solution for your case.

Extensive Professional Experience

Chris Bush has experience in the following areas of bankruptcy and student loan debt relief.

  • Student loan litigation
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Debt negotiation and reorganization
  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Tax discharge and repayment plans
  • Repossessed vehicle recovery
  • Discharge litigation
  • Stay litigation
  • Domestic support, child support, and alimony repayment
  • Bankruptcy claims litigation
  • Bankruptcy appeals (Federal district court and the Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel)

“I know that everyone’s financial situation and burdens are unique and understand the power of listening.”

Schedule a free initial consultation with Chris today. Contact San Diego Student Loan Lawyers at (619)295-3322. We are available on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. Call us to learn how we can start you on the road to a brighter financial future.

You Have Options!

Contact attorney Chris Bush to find out the best route to your student loan debt relief.

(619) 678-1134

“The starting point on all student loan debt resolution plans is to obtain the Student Loan Report from the US Department of Education. This report is vital to answering any student loan question.”
Here's how to obtain your NSLDS report.
Chris Bush, Esq., Student Loan Attorney

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Chris Bush, Esq.
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We love being a Student Loan Lawyers. Every day, we help our clients arrive at their student loan debt resolution.

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